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About Next Come To Us

Next Come To Us is filled with experienced and young minds which enables us to deliver the solutions with 100% customer satisfaction.

Who is Behind All This

"Next Come To Us" as formerly known as MTech Commerce and business Solutions pvt ltd

It was established in the year 2015 in Coimbatore, India with experienced professionals from various disciplines. It was incorporated with a vision towards providing business solutions to corporates, small businesses and individuals in order to utilize Software Solutions, Mobile Applications and Web Based Technologies.

Next Come To Us is a holistic IT Solutions Company specialized in delivering E-Commerce Websites, ERP Solutions, CMS Based Websites, Mobile Applications, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services, Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Services, Website Design Services and Digital Branding Solutions.

Our Skills

  • HTML/PHP/CSS 95%

  • jQuery/Script/API 90%

  • Design/Concept 91%

  • SEO/Digital Marketing 86%

  • Mobile Application 88%

  • Hosting/Maintenance 93%

Core features of
Next Come To Us

We commit ourselves to achieve consistent reliability, efficiency and performance of our products & services.

Artificial Intelligence

Application Level Security

Flexible Authentication

SEO-Friendly Content

Hi-Tech Layout Options

User-Specific Data

Time Tracking

Analytics & Insights

We are always ready to serve you

We are ready with all sorts of solutions and we deliver both Web and Mobile Applications. Further our solutions are designed to adapt your business rather than your business adapting our software.

Our solutions are 100% fruitful and empowers you to take control of your business online and in real time!

Web Based Software

Responsive Web Design

E-Commerce Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing

Business Software Services

Android & iOS Application

Corporate Branding

Optimized Cloud Services

Multimedia Palettes

Photography Solutions

Videography Solutions

Live Montoring

24x7 Remote Support

High-End & Powerful Server

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Our Awesome Works

We have developed cost effective and high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries like Airlines, College Management, Business Softwares, E-Commerce, Retails and many others. These are some of our works.

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